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Multilingual dictionary of idioms - English-speakers learning Estonian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
English-speakers learning Estonian

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Multilingual dictionary of idioms [Sep. 8th, 2010|09:14 pm]
English-speakers learning Estonian



Let me introduce you interesting project that can be useful for Estonian learning people!

Do you know what an English idiom push up daisies mean? And how you can say it ob Estonian? Well, now with WikIdioms, you can know in no time. WikIdioms is a new collaborative effort of translators and language lovers who have created first Internet multilingual dictionary of idiomatic expressions. It is both useful and fun! Everyone can also contribute expressions that he knows. Visit WikIdioms, educate yourself, translate idioms, contribute, have fun!

Idiom translation is one hardest translation-related tasks. Idioms cannot be translated literally, as it will result in non-sense. In order to translate an idiom one should find the equivalent expression in the second language. It requires deep familiarity with the language and knowing the specifics of its metaphorical speech. WikIdioms is in fact a multilingual dictionary of idioms, created by native language speakers.

You can find a lot of Estonian idioms translated to English and vice versa