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Hello everyone! I just found this group, and I was surprised at how… - English-speakers learning Estonian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
English-speakers learning Estonian

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[Oct. 15th, 2006|01:29 am]
English-speakers learning Estonian
[Current Location |Lindsay, Ontario]

Hello everyone!

I just found this group, and I was surprised at how well it fits my situation.

My family is Estonian, but being born and raised in Toronto, I don't have much opportunity to learn it or speak it (though I went to Eesti Kool when I was a kid and hated every minute of it). So, I found that lovely book by Juhan Tuldava, (highly recommended by everyone on Amazon and at the Eesti Maja here in Toronto) and I'm truckin' right along with the learning. My grandparents and mother are more than eager to cram all the vocabulary they possibly can into my head.

I thoroughly enjoy the culture, as I grew up with it. I am not learning Estonian on a whim, I am learning it because it is my heritage and I feel it is my duty as an Estonian to learn the language!!! I am committed to learning it fluently, in the hopes to one day live, work, study, and travel in Estonia.

I wish everyone the best in their Eesti endeavours.


P.S. I talked to a social linguist the other day, who worked at the University of Tartu for five years. He said that, linguistically (and linguistically only), Estonian is a cousin of the Korean language, being of Finno-Ugric lineage! Bizzare, no?

[User Picture]From: hkitsune
2006-10-15 05:50 am (UTC)
I really want to argue that that man you talked to is full of shit. So far, Korean has been an isolated language, which means that it's not related to anything else. Are you sure he wasn't talking about Karelian or something? There's really NO proof that the languages are related...:/

However, yay for having family who speak the language!
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From: teknicalwaves
2006-10-15 05:10 pm (UTC)

Thank you?

Since I'm not a linguist, I really can't tell what's right and what's wrong, fact-wise. And I don't think anyone can really prove anything if you go back in time far enough. I keep an open mind, you should too.

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[User Picture]From: rimpocha
2006-10-19 04:37 pm (UTC)


Agree. Probably he means Karelian.

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From: alfabetik
2006-10-16 03:23 pm (UTC)
I agree with the first poster here. I am not a linguist, but I'm studying Finnish in university, and so far the scientifical consensus is that Korean is not related to Fenno-Ugrian languages. Of course, nothing is sure, but at this point there is no evidence that would prove the statement true. Linguists seem to have this weird passion to make connections between isolated languages and the Fenno-Ugrian ones; for example, ainu, an isolated language spoken in Japan, as well as Turkish, have been seen as potential Fenno-Ugrian languages, but the theories have been abandoned.

Besides, there isn't even one theory about how languages are related and how they should be classified, but many, some contradictory to others, so this isn't a very solid field of linguistics ;) Anything can happen...

I found this community because I've started studying Estonian as well, and wanted to see if there are LJ communities with "eesti keel" listed as an interest. Mu eesti ei ole veel väga hea, aga ma tahan enam ja parem õppida.
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[User Picture]From: ho_chi_min_1998
2006-11-18 10:30 am (UTC)

good luck

Well, good luck! I met a lot of Canadians when I went to Tartu for a semester. It is very hard to learn the language, but if you try hard for a long time, then you may be able to make it. Mina õppin Eesti keelt juba mitu aastat, aga kahjuks mul polnud võimalust, Eestimaale tagasi tuleda. Ma võin lihtsalt interneti kaudu inimesidega tutvuda, kes räägivad või õppivad Eesti keelt.

PS.- Yes, there is a very far link between Korean and Finno Ugric language, no question about that. But that doesn't mean that both languages do still bear some similarities...
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[User Picture]From: tyrnuffel
2007-03-04 09:16 pm (UTC)
How funny would it be to reply to a post, made nearly 5 months ago :D

Hehe, well I was just randomly browsing LJ so... *shrugs* feel like commenting.

It's not exactly your DUTY to learn it you know. It's nice that you've decided to, and I do hope you won't give up trying ;) It's a damn hard language to learn, that's for sure... as an exaple, we have 14 case forms, while the English language has 2 =P

Anyways, I hope you're doing alright and... good luck! *waves*
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-03-04 04:21 am (UTC)
Korean! That is amazing! I too am learning, re-learning, Estonian. I went back to Estonian school a couple of years ago, wanting to get back to my early language skills. I was at the Estonian House in Toronto, and I loved it. I plan to go back; the more I practiced, the more came back to me. Having lost both of my parents, both Estonian,in the past 13 years, it's important for me to keep that part of me alive and well. So, I'm going to check out the Amazon recommendation. Thanks!

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